Saree gets the New Designer Look

” Nothing can enhance your beauty as the saree does”

Saree is the traditional garment in India that can be worn to all occasions such as festivals, rituals, and marriage ceremonies. Queenz Institute of Fashion likes to give you the insight of some new modern looks for a traditional saree.

1.Saree with a cape:

Add a cape to your saree to give it a westernized look. Georgette and silk sarees look nice along with the cape.


2.Saree with a jacket:

Instead of going for a blouse, try a new look for the saree by wearing it over a long jacket.


3.Saree over leggings:

This style has become the new popular trend of wearing a saree. Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is responsible for popularizing this style.


4.Plain saree with a designer blouse:

A plain saree never goes out of style. It can be worn for every occasion such as a casual, party or traditional wear.


5.Ready to wear saree:

This trend has been popularized due to its ready to wear nature which eliminates the time required for draping a saree.


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