Opt for your designer WEAR


Fashion is the style statement for all the persons around the world. Fashion designers design the garments according to the customized fittings or standard measurements. The garments thus designed  can be broadly classified into 3 categories. They are

  • Haute couture
  • Ready -to-wear(pret-a-porter)
  • Mass Production

Haute Couture:

“Haute couture” is a French Word, which gives a meaning “High Fashion”.  The word was first used by Charles Fredrick Worth for his designs. This technique involves the designing of garment by taking into consideration of the  customer’s age, gender, type of wear etc. It is the most painstaking and precise process of making a garment for customized fit. Generally, the garments of this category are very expensive and unique. Due to the extra attention towards the fitting , detailing and finishing  techniques of the garments, it is often very time consuming. Haute Couture is mainly done by acclaimed fashion houses for prestige and publicity. Haute Couture is an integral part of Fashion weeks.


As the name suggest the garment  designed is sold in finished condition with standard sizes. The ready-to-wear category is mainly used in stitching military uniforms during the time of World War-2. This trend became popular with the women’s wear from the ending of 20th century among middle class women and lower class women for its availability at a lower price than Haute couture wear. The ready-to-wear category is designed in standard sizes and in a larger quantities to increase the margin of profit. These are also showcased in International Fashion Week.

Mass Production:

The fashion industry relies more on mass marketing. Mass production is used to cater a large number of customers around the world. Once the design is out of fashion, it goes into the mass production. Generally, the garments in this category are really cheap and accessible to every customer. Mass production is otherwise known as “kitsch” , a German word which means “wearing something which is no longer or out of fashion.”

As the saying goes We are made up of same skin and bones but what separates us is what we dress over it“. So guys, choose your dress wisely and grab the attention.

At Queenz Institute of Fashion, we will train you how to design the dresses according to the customized measurements and a appropriate  selection of the garment according to customer requirement.


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