New Fabric in Market

New Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Based on the response from the previous article ” New Fabrics into Market” , we have decided to continue the previous article by introducing you the new innovations in textiles. Now a days the awareness for the environment protection has been continuously propagated to achieve a eco-friendly world. Instead of going for synthetic fabrics such as nylon, rayon, polyester and etc, our scientists have invented some new biodegradable and eco-friendly fabrics such as Mycotex and Corn fiber yarn.


MycoTex set as an exemplary for the innovation of fabrics from living beings. Mycotex is made from mycelium (the root of mushroom) . As the textile is readily available, hence the spinning and weaving process are not required. The clothing is directly pasted and shaped into the form of the mold. In addition, this fabric has the potential of extra features like anti-microbial properties. As stated above, this is a completely eco friendly fabric which doesn’t involve any use of chemicals. When compared to the other synthetic and artificially produced fabric, it is a bio-degradable fabric.

Fabric with Mushroom                       Mycotex - Fabric from root of mushroom


Corn fiber yarn:

The Corn fiber is produced by the Poly Lactic Acid(PLA) which is fermented from the corn amylum. Corn fiber yarn has the similar character of the luster silk. It is the most comfortable fabric to wear and can be easily handled. Due to its good flexibility and curl recovery nature, the fabric has good shape retention and anti-crease. Corn fiber has excellent drape, slippery, moisture regain and air permeability. It is resistant to Uv light and is economically affordable.


Corn Fiber                            UV Resistant fabric-corn-fiber

From a N number of fabrics, only a selected fabric enhances the look of the garment. At Queenz Institute of Fashion we are dealing with a subject “Textile Sciences” which will help you to know more about the fabrics ranging from the composition to the production process. this will enable you will to judge the correct type of fabric to be used for producing different garments.


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