Become Fashion designer, Be your own Boss


The internet has always been, and always will be, a magic boxMarc Andersen.

The quote is so true because Internet revolutionized the world. People around the world are connected through internet. The usage of internet has expanding its scope in various fields such as communication, education, e-commerce and so on.

By the advent of ecommerce sites and social sites the craze for online shopping has been grown up. We can purchase almost everything from internet ranging from groceries to designer wear. There are exclusively certain sites that only sell the designer wear.

Take the example of Mrs. Debasmitha. She is a housewife who couldn’t spare her time for regular office hours due to her household chores. She thought of using her free time productively to have some financial stability. She had done advance diploma in fashion designing and she is a freelance designer in Visakhapatnam. This enables her to earn money from home utilizing her free time. The designs have been marketed through various social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and various ecommerce sites such as Olx, Quikr, and so on. These sites not only earns her a decent living but also caters  her designs to a wide number of customer base.

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