Eco Friendly Fabrics


You have been introduced to the new fabrics such as “Mycotex” and “Corn Fiber Fabric” in the earlier article “New Eco Friendly Fabrics”. Today we will provide the insights of some more new eco friendly textiles.

Banana Fiber:

The banana fiber fabric has its existence  from 13th century in the countries of Japan and South East Asia. The banana fiber is obtained from the stalk of banana. Due to its natural property , it shows a durable nature when preferred to other fabrics. Fiber extraction is followed by boiling the strips in an alkaline solution to soften and separate them. After boiling and washing the strips, the skins and fibers are separated from one another, after which the fibers are joined through a tedious and time consuming method to create long, continuous threads.

Dyeing and weaving the yarns are the final parts of the process, producing a high quality material that can be used for various applications. The fineness of the fiber determines the thickness of the yarn, as finer yarn is used for clothing, medium grade yarn is used for table cloths, curtains and cushion covers, while thicker, coarser yarn is used for basket weaving, floor mats and bags.





Bamboo Fabric:

Bamboo fabric is the most preferred fabric over cotton in the recent years due to its eco friendly nature. Unlike cotton which requires the use of large amount of pesticides, bamboo can be grown organically. Bamboo viscose fabrics look like silk and can be draped as silk. But there are not as wrinkle resistant as silk fabric. Moreover, the bamboo fabric absorbs the moisture quickly and keep the garment cool and dry, so it is mainly used for designing infant garments.


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