Careers in Fashion Industry

Fashion has become a part and parcel of the life. Fashion is one of the blooming industries in Indian Economy. A career in Fashion industry is most sought among people. Fashion offers a varied range of career options. Some of them are

Fashion Designer:

A fashion designer is someone who creates new designs based on inspirations. They are responsible for creating a new trend in the industry. They have their own label to market the entire collections.


Freelance designer:

A freelance designer is basically a fashion designer who is self-employed and   designs a new range of clothing based on their interest.


Sample Maker/Technical designer:

A Technical designer works with the design team to ensure appropriate choice of fabric and a good fit. The technical designer mainly works in factory plays a key role in customizing the garments before going for mass production.


Pattern Maker:

A pattern maker drafts the shape and sizes of the garment on the fabric. They can either use a drafting technique (manually done with paper and measuring tools) or a draping technique (drape fabric directly onto a dress form).


Textile designer:

A textile designer mainly deals with the visual effect of the fabric. They use different types of fabric weaves and prints for imparting a designer look for the garment.



A stylist is the person who co-ordinates jewelry and accessories for the clothing. A stylist mainly works for a fashion shows, fashion photography and for celebrities.


Fashion Buyer:

A fashion buyer plays a key role in selecting and buying the stock for various retail stores and chain outlets, based on the predictions in the fashion industry.


Fashion Faculty:

A fashion faculty teaches about the basic techniques and skills required for a career in Fashion industry.


Fashion Illustrator:

A fashion illustrator is a person who sketches the designs based on the inspirations.


Fashion Journalist:

A fashion journalist is a person who writes fashion articles related to changing trends in fashion industry.


Fashion Forecaster:

A fashion forecaster is a person who predicts upcoming trends in terms of fabrics, colors, style and prints.

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